September 20, Going on to Pentecost

Let me point out one simple, historic fact—a conclusion at which most sound Bible scholars have arrived. There is a direct correspondence in time periods between the deliverance of Israel out of Egypt and the experience of the early Christians.

September 19, Led by the Spirit

There is a popular teaching that convinces people that they must be super-spiritual to be considered sons of God. But Paul contradicted this idea in the eighth chapter of Romans, where he wrote...

September 18, Birth and Adoption

When you receive Jesus Christ, you become a child of God, and you also receive the “Jesus nature,” a nature that knows to call God the Father “Daddy.” This is a very natural relationship.

September 17, The Spirit of Adoption

Abba is the Aramaic or Hebrew word commonly used for “daddy.” In Israel, a little child will call his father, “Abba.” And because we have received the Spirit of adoption, we have the right to address God as Abba. Father. Daddy.

September 16, Clothed with Righteousness

...we will read Job’s testimony of the way he lived. God Himself bore testimony to Job that he was a righteous man. These words have gripped me so much that I can hardly get beyond them.

September 15, A Measure of Righteousness

The words of Job are remarkable. He is here listing sins he did not commit, of which he was not guilty. Many professing Christians, however, could be guilty of these sins. “If I have kept the poor from their desire, or caused the eyes of the widow to fail, or...

September 14, Caring for the Uncared For

I have written a little booklet entitled Orphans, Widows, the Poor and Oppressed. This booklet astonishes me. As I wrote yesterday, even after I had been preaching for well over fifty years, and when I had the impression that I would be preaching for the rest of my life, God gave me a new kind of compassion I never expected to receive.