August 08, The Door and the Shepherd

Jesus said, “I am the door” (John 10:9). Two verses later, He said, “I am the good shepherd” (verse 11). Have you ever stopped to consider how Jesus can be both the door and the shepherd?

August 07, The Way to the Father

There is no other way to God the Father but through Jesus Christ—and Him crucified. We have access to God through Jesus alone and by only one Spirit.

August 06, Our Dependence upon the Holy Spirit

In our fleshly nature, all of us have certain weaknesses. These weaknesses are not of the body but of the mind—of our understanding. They manifest themselves in two related ways.

August 05, Relationship with Our Father

In the last two verses of John 17, we find the final utterance of Jesus to His disciples before He suffered and died on the cross. I believe that these two verses are the climax of the entire purpose of the gospel.

August 04, The Place of Maturity

It is not God’s purpose for us to remain permanently as children. God has a plan for us to grow up into mature sons. But this is where we are again dependent on the Holy Spirit.

August 03, A Father’s Love

God’s family is the best family. Again, even if your own family did not care for you, bear in mind that God wants you. You are accepted; you are highly favored; you are the object of His special care and affection.

August 02, Children and Coheirs

The word Abba is the Aramaic or Hebrew equivalent of the English word “Daddy.” Thus, we see here a relationship of intimacy with God the Father, whom we address as Daddy.