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As I have read many testimonies from our co-workers, I can honestly report that the Holy Spirit is moving in power across south east Asia and the India Sub-continent, opening many new doors for the Gospel.  Over the past year, your faithful prayer and financial support for our missions outreaches has enabled us to reach many thousands of believers with Derek’s Bible teaching in these vast regions.  And so on behalf of our co-workers in these nations, I would like to say a huge “thank you” for partnering with us; we couldn’t have done it without you.

I would like to share just a few of the many highlights from this past year with you…


  • Director, Huy, and the DPM team have held many ‘outreaches’ and training sessions for pastors and Christian leaders during 2018.  They recently partnered with the New Life church in the Kompong Thom province (central Cambodia) and held an outreach for 150 village people and 50 pastors.  Each person received a copy of Extravagant Love.  They also trained 24 pastors using Derek’s teaching from What’s So Important About the Cross?
  • DPM keeps growing rapidly in Cambodia. They now have a dual-language Khmer/English website containing a variety of free materials in the national Khmer language, including books, Teaching Letters, Proclamation Cards (print and audio format), two-minute Word from the Word messages and radio programmes.



Director, John Cochrane, writes:

In the 1980's Derek Prince Ministries sent many books and tapes to the Philippines. Everything disappeared and for over 30 years not much was heard of DPM’s impact in the Philippines. However, over the last three years we have discovered what happened to some of these seeds that were sown.  1) The Chairman of the pastors for Cebu city - the second largest city in the country - said “it was Derek Prince’s teachings that helped to disciple me”.  2) The senior pastor for the Assembly of God churches in a large province said “my discipleship and teaching came from Derek Prince”.  3) A pastor from the Manila area contacted me and told a similar story, and also asked for every Derek Prince book.

The seeds of 35 years ago fell on good ground and many have borne good fruit and continue to do so today.


Director, Ps. Gopaljee, met this year with a visiting mission team from the USA and was able to supply over 1,200 Derek Prince Nepali books for them to freely distribute to pastors and believers at church meetings and a conference.  The three titles distributed were Bought with Blood; The Power of the Sacrifice and What’s So Important About the Cross?



Directors, Elsie & Danny, have travelled to many cities of India during 2018.  They recently held very successful meetings in Chandrapur, Maharashtra (central India).   Elsie advises:  “We had a larger than expected turnout of pastors and leaders, with more than 200 attending.  We taught on deliverance and then had all in attendance pray together and break the powers of darkness over the city. Many present felt a manifest and strong move of the Spirit and testified that they clearly felt the release in their spirits as well. 

During ministry time, we prayed for people to be released and healed from disease and at least one third of the people present confirmed they had been healed!  Following the meeting we gave out Derek’s books and SD cards.  We also held a seminar for the organising church with more than 500 people attending. During this time we prayed for the breaking of curses over people’s lives.  Many began to manifest demonic spirits but were set free and delivered without anyone laying hands on them. Praise God for the mighty things He is doing!

Myanmar (Burma)

Numerous ‘outreaches’ have taken place in 2018.  One of our ‘partner ministries’ held a seminar for 60 people in what was a very persecuted and war torn area with no literature.  Each attendee was given a pack of Derek’s books in Burmese, which was a great blessing to them.

The DPM team also linked up with their partner ministry, One-2-One Medical Mission, who were holding a medical/dental outreach in conjunction with other Christian ministries in Myanmar.  During this time, they joined with a local pastoral team to share the Gospel message with many people who had never previously heard the Good News and who would not normally go into a church building.  Derek’s Burmese books were widely distributed.  The pastoral team were very excited that now having Derek’s books they can grow in their knowledge of the Word and share this teaching with other pastors, leaders and believers.


Derek’s Bible teaching on the new DPM-Japan dual-language website and App is bearing fruit as can be seen from the following testimonies:

We still have much work to do in these nations and many others which we don’t have the space to mention here. Many thousands of people are crying out for sound Bible teaching. Your special Christmas gift would really help us to continue our global missions work in these nations.  The needs for Bible teaching are huge, but together we can make a wonderful difference. You can make your gift securely online at:

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