Population: 55 million / Buddhist: 87.9%; Christian 6.2%; Muslim 4.3%

Ecclesiastes 4:9 tells us that Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labour. It was with this in mind that, two years ago, our office in New Zealand began a new partnership with a Christian ministry in Myanmar in order to increase our effectiveness in bringing Derek’s teaching to the Burmese people. This “partner ministry” already has open doors into many of the remote villages in Myanmar, and this enables us to hold numerous teaching seminars using Derek’s material and gift many books to village leaders.

Look at this amazing feedback!

An Evangelist says:
We travelled along the Ayeyarwady River by Grace boat and stopped and visited villages to carry out our mission activities. We travelled three times annually and visited an estimated 30 villages - these are the undeserved and disadvantaged communities in these remote areas. We shared the Gospel and during each trip, about 50 people came to the Lord (wow!). I follow-up by conducting discipleship training three times a year. One of my problems was giving out spiritual material, but I have now received Derek Prince’s books to give out. Each person was given five books to share in their church Bible study groups. They told me these books are very valuable to them. Thank you very much for sharing these books.

I work as a leader in a Baptist church. Every Wednesday we have Bible study and also visit the sick. The great blessing for me was when I received the books from Derek Prince Ministries.  I used the book Marriage Covenant and then Faith to Live By for Bible study and fellowship with my women’s group. It was a new inspiration for them. When we visited the sick, we shared the book on God’s Medicine Bottle with the patients as well as their family. We also leave the book for them. As I revisited the patients, they were encouraged and got better through reading that book.

- A Woman Leader

A missionary couple from New Zealand recently made a visit to Myanmar to teach and encourage pastors, leaders and other believers at churches and in seminars. Given the great lack of Bible teaching in Myanmar, much of what they presented from Derek’s material had never before been heard by these people. Everywhere they went, people were hungry for the Word of God and everyone was highly ‘engaged’ as they received the teaching. Many pastors were given Derek’s books in Burmese, which will be a “life-line” to them.

It’s been six years since we last asked for your help in spreading Derek’s teaching throughout Myanmar. But with no funds left we 
now need your help again, please.

We are wanting to hold further training seminars for pastors and leaders throughout Myanmar and help local missionaries to build Christ’s church. It costs us NZ$1,300 to hold each seminar, and our desire is to hold 10 in the year ahead. Would you perhaps be able to fund 50% or even the full cost of one teaching seminar this year?

In addition, we have Burmese staff support costs to meet each month. So please prayerfully consider if you could help us and to what extent, so we can help disciple the Body of Christ in Myanmar.

Your gift is genuinely needed and very much appreciated.

God’s blessings

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Since 1999 we have been organising the translation, printing and distribution of Derek’s books in Burmese, the majority language of this country. 35 of Derek’s books have now been translated and printed, with over 330,000 Burmese books published to date. A number of Pastors now use the teaching in Derek’s books as the basis for their Sunday sermons. Most Pastors and leaders in Myanmar are very poor and would not normally be able to afford to buy books, so these free books have been a great blessing to them. One Pastor from a remote area said that Derek’s books are like an ‘Oasis in the Desert’. We are greatly excited and encouraged to see the hunger many have to read Derek’s books regardless of denomination and we have regular customers from all Christian denominations. The Graduate Gift Pack Programme was introduced in 2005 and is a great blessing to the graduates who have no other resources.

There are 150 Bible Schools in Yangon, with a total of 200 in the nation. Our Director is often asked to speak and preach in many different areas of Myanmar, and this has helped promote the work of DPM in this nation. Recently, our Director preached to 500 Pastors over three days at the 50th anniversary of Tamu Baptist Church at Tamu, Sagaing Division (North West Myanmar). Many lives were renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This was a wonderful opportunity to introduce Derek’s teaching to these 500 Pastors in this challenging nation and key Pastors also received complimentary copies of Derek’s books. Our Director also trains around 60 students in the DPM building using Derek’s teaching.