Dear Friend,

All of us at Derek Prince Ministries-Middle East want you to know how much we appreciate your support for this outreach. Your prayers and gifts enable us to put Bible teaching from Derek Prince into the hands of many new Christians and many Muslim seekers across the Middle East.

Your help is making a huge impact, as you will see in the following testimonies of Arab people who are being touched. Our goal is “to be there” for every person in the Middle East who is seeking prayer or reaching out with questions about the Christian faith.

Zeinab* (Egypt)

You have also made a huge difference in Zeinab’s life. Until recently, she had been struggling with self-esteem issues and a troubled marriage. In Egypt, Zeinab grew up being abused by her mother and her older brother—always having to do housework and take care of them.

Eventually, just to escape the trouble at home, she got married. But her husband mistreated her as well, convincing her she had no value as a human being. When both Zeinab and her father-in-law got COVID, her husband only cared for his father, ignoring Zeinab’s situation.

She began to have suicidal thoughts, believing that God had deserted her. One day, however, she came into contact with Derek’s teachings online. As she listened to the messages, Zeinab found it
hard to believe in the gospel’s promise of love and hope. But God touched her heart through conversations with our workers, and one of our outreach team members shared the gospel with her.

Zeinab struggled to believe that God cared for her. But through the patience of our workers over a long period of time, Zeinab repented and invited Jesus into her heart. Now, we are helping her to read the Bible, talk with a Christian counsellor, and listen to more of Derek’s teaching in Arabic.

Good News in Jordan

Jordan is a beautiful Middle Eastern country whose people are kind and lovely—and many there would love to know more about the Bible. However, reading is not very common in Jordan, especially among the youth. So, books are not the most effective way to reach its young people. 

To combat this issue, we decided to use simple technology that is widely available. We started producing SD cards that are loaded with various types of Derek’s teachings—video and audio sermons, as well as a complete copy of the Bible. All of these can be watched or heard using smartphones or computers—any device that can read SD cards.

Not counting production for other nations, we hope to produce 2000 SD cards per year for Jordan alone. Each SD card costs about R97. 

The demand for books is also growing from those who are able to read. We are creating a bundle of 25 of Derek’s books in Arabic, hoping to deliver 1000 bundles for Jordan. Each bundle costs about R372, including printing and shipping.

We are supplying these books and SD cards to other countries in the Middle East as well—especially for home cell groups (both in-person and online).

Your Prayers and Support

All of this good news from our Middle East outreach would not have been possible without your partnership. You are the core of this vital ministry. Thank you for helping to equip Arab believers who hope to dig deep into the Bible using Derek Prince’s teaching. Thank you too for enabling us to reach Arab people who are seeking the truth about God.

With all that is happening in the Middle East, we ask you to pray for protection and favour for our co-workers. It can be difficult, but God makes a way for His Kingdom to advance despite adversity.

To continue this impact, would you also consider sending a special gift today? Will you give R372 (book bundles) or R968 (10 SD cards) to provide believers in the Middle East with the resources they need to grow strong in faith? 

By sending a gift today or by donating, you will keep our Arabic website up and running—to lead seekers to Christ via social media channels and to disciple new believers. You will also help us put valuable Bible teaching in the hands of Middle Eastern people like Ahmed*, Zeinab*, and others throughout this region who are hungry for God’s Word. 

Thank you in advance for all you are doing to assist Arab believers and reach seeking people in the Middle East through this DPM outreach.

In His Name,

Albert Salama                                                   Isabella Surgeon
Director, DPM–ME                                            Director, DPM–SA

*Names of the beneficiaries have been changed to protect their identity. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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