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We are in need of funding for the following outreach proposals:

DPMSA is responsible to bring the teachings and other resources of Derek Prince to at least thirteen countries in Southern Africa. Your valuable support makes it possible for us to reach out and bring sound teaching, restoration, healing and deliverance to thousands of spiritually needy people in Africa and around the world. If you would like to be a part of this outreach we will be so grateful.

Your Support Does Make a Difference!

    We need donations to fund the following:

    • “Where most needed” Fund (WMN)
    • Impact Radio Fund (IRF)
    • Madagascar Fund
    • Translation Fund
    • South African Outreach Fund
    • China Fund
    • Russia Fund
    • Eastern Europe Fund
    • India Fund
    • Israel Fund
    • Middle East Fund
    • Mega Voice Player Fund
    • Zimbabwe Fund
    • Support

    Your gifts of support for Derek Prince Ministries make it possible to keep the unique teaching of Derek Prince coming to you, your neighbors and countless others around the world. If you can be a part of all of the equipping restoration, deliverance, and healing by sharing a gift, we would be so very grateful.

    Did you know...

    That Derek Prince Ministries International carries out active ministry training, equipping and resourcing efforts on five continents—in some of the remotest and most spiritually hungry corners of the world?
    Your Support Does Make a Difference

    Please contact us if you would like to make a donation or go to our Online Store.

    Banking Details

    Bank: ABSA
    Account Number: 710 57 29 76
    Branch Code: 632 005
    Please fax/e-mail deposit or call our office to notify of payment


    Send your cheque to:

    DPM - South Africa
    PO Box 33367

    payable to 'DPM South Africa'

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    If you prefer to speak to someone call us on Ph: (012) 348 95 37 to make a secure donation by credit/debit card.